More Than A Teacher: Sir Tshering Dorji

Sir Tshering Dorji was the Principal of Rangtse School from 2006 to 2011. The school is in an extremely remote area in Haa. It is a five day walk through forests from the nearest roadhead. He told me no one wanted to be placed there, so he volunteered despite knowing no physical school structure existed […]

Thimphu: Yours, Mine, Ours

Thimphu played in local theatres a few months ago. This is director Chand Rai’s second Bhutanese feature film. His last film, Gawa, which highlighted the issue of nighthunting in the country won him several accolades, but Thimphu had me all choked up when I watched it, last week. It may be because Thimphu is home to me. This […]

Leaving to Return

This column was published in Business Bhutan on 9th January 2016. I celebrated the New Year with a hundred other Bhutanese in New York. There were well-known Bhutanese actors and singers who entertained the gathering, several familiar faces, and many others who I did not know. I had, however, been happy to be among my […]

Let’s also chew on this while chewing meat

There are two issues that affect me the most about the opening of slaughterhouses in Bhutan that go beyond hypocrisy, and individual right and wrong: If self- sufficiency is our goal, why are we harbouring the ambition to export meat to Singapore, Malaysia, and Hyderabad? Where is evidence that this was done through public consultation, […]

Husband to be compensated when wife is raped: Coming to terms with a side to Bhutan I don’t like

“If found guilty, the offence would be graded a fourth degree felony, and the men will also be liable to pay compensation to the husband.” I cannot believe I just read this line in Kuensel. This was stated by the newspaper’s sources (the police) and I cross-checked the Penal Code to ensure that this was […]

Sherubtse’s filmmakers

The “Sherubtse film industry” has produced about 14 films, so far. This is a group that is constantly changing. Constantly growing. Members have no real experience in filmmaking and no professional equipment. They have, in fact, been sharing/passing down a Nikon and Canon camera (over the years).

Karma is Ema Datshi: a film review

*After my last experience with some people of the Bhutanese film fraternity, I thought it would be some time before I would be inspired to write about any other Bhutanese film. I was wrong. So, here is a REVIEW.* Karma, the film, is a journey, both within and without. Karma is also the name of […]