Leaving to Return

This column was published in Business Bhutan on 9th January 2016. I celebrated the New Year with a hundred other Bhutanese in New York. There were well-known Bhutanese actors and singers who entertained the gathering, several familiar faces, and many others who I did not know. I had, however, been happy to be among my […]

when Namgay met Sally

I don’t get baseball. I, therefore, felt no guilt in letting my eyes watch the audience instead of the players at my first baseball game at Chase Field, some weeks ago. Kristi, a huge Diamondbacks’ fan immediately noticed my roving eye. But she was kind. “Namgay, did you see Rally Sally?” Who? “She’s up there…waving the […]

Karma is Ema Datshi: a film review

*After my last experience with some people of the Bhutanese film fraternity, I thought it would be some time before I would be inspired to write about any other Bhutanese film. I was wrong. So, here is a REVIEW.* Karma, the film, is a journey, both within and without. Karma is also the name of […]