Ink on me!

Dali's Butterflies
Dali’s Butterflies

It didn’t happen on a whim, and it definitely was not made to make a statement, although the placing may suggest, otherwise.

My first tattoo was a butterfly. Metamorphosis was the main reason why I wanted it. And camouflage the other. The second one isĀ  two sentences and a word, all precious. My first inking experience happened with my husband by my side, and it was pain. Freddie Mercury was running around in my head with, “Pain is so close to Pleasure…”. My tattoo is a gem, so is my husband, and the tattoo artist and his wife:)

I always wanted a butterfly or a phoenix. My husband designed a lovely phoenix for me and I thought, why not? We found ourselves in Goa, shopping around for good tattoo places, and we stumbled upon Boom. The husband and wife duo looked nothing like tattoo artists, but when we asked them to show us some of their designs, they seemed pretty good. But what really sealed the deal was when they shared their internet images with us and suddenly, there was my husband’s dark phoenix staring right back at us! Who would have thought?

The second inking was born out of a desire to commit. No regrets.

I wonder, though, if everyone else also experiences a certain level of self-consciousness when the ink is visible for the world to see? I am yet to face judgemental views, although there has been the strange eye, many a times.

A life-long relationship has begun, and I quite fancy myself being a canvas for art that is yet to be made.

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