“Let’s save ourselves first”

This column appeared in Business Bhutan on June 20th 2015.

My friend shared this on Facebook: “The biggest challenge we face is shifting the human consciousness, not saving the planet. The planet doesn’t need saving, we do.” I couldn’t agree more. And I say this from experience.

A recent example would be my own involvement with the official football fanbase. A lot of Bhutanese assumed that just because we called ourselves, “official”, we were getting money from the government and other sources. Little do they know of our struggle for material, for people, for space, and even permission! Many don’t get that we can give of ourselves without expecting anything in return. There were even snide comments passed on people like us wasting our time on “useless” activity. This was disheartening, but we kept at it. We are not fools. Neither was Nietzsche who said: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” It’s too bad some of us cannot hear the music.

I had a conversation on colour with an eloquent woman, earlier this week. She talked about how we must get people to see in colour and feel in colour by exploring the arts, music, and our Bhutanese creativity. She said people and organisations that can support and develop this, must. I agree. Bhutan would be dull and colourless if we were a country of only one profession: Civil Servants. Sadly, we are all put in career straightjackets as soon as we begin writing our alphabets. I see very few people doing what makes them happy in our land of happiness. The happiest aren’t always the richest. The most wonderful people I know do not have the best-paying or the most secure employment.

Are you happy where you are, doing what you do? Do have you have the dreaded (and overrated) Monday Blues? Are you going through the motions of life like a robot: Wake up, dress up, show up? What about your in-betweens? How passionately do you look forward to TGIFs and weekend YOLOs (as abused as the acronyms are)? Do you have time to feel, to be inspired, to celebrate that you are alive?

We should all be given a shot in the arm with a healthy dose of FOMO. Let us go crazy doing a hundred and one things and still feel like we need to do more. Our lives can and should be driven by passion. Financial gain, societal recognition, and success can be accidental consequences. I know for a fact that when you give more than you receive, you actually end up with more. Uncover your ears and allow yourself to hear the music calling us all. Let us dance!

2 thoughts on ““Let’s save ourselves first”

  • Regardlessly thank you very much for the dinner , contrary to what some people think like fanbase get financial support , useless, this and that as in your aforementioned paras, i have observed that it was amazing and we did lots of virtuous contribution .
    we had a sumptuous dinner and i know you guys did the bill clearing from your own pocket.. on the whole it was an overwhelming feeling to meet you and all other members of football fanbase. we anticipate such gatherings and initiative furthermore.

  • Laws of the country are neither made by a person nor for a person. Making laws is perhaps one of the most difficult brainstorming works for the government. It becomes even more difficult when educated people translate our own laws in the manner they wish with just a sentence .

    Processes to obtain permits for Non-Bhutanese spouses may be lengthy and unfriendly, but getting permit is definite. “A host should to always be careful before opening the door to a stranger”. It is the stranger’s duty to prove his acquaintances to the host.

    The other option to escape inconveniences is that Bhutanese spouses live with their foreign spouses in the foreign lands. Perhaps, it is even more difficult for them to do so in the foreign land. May be that is why foreign spouses opt to live in Bhutan. So, why should we be so easy going?Please remember, Bhutan is too small to accommodate foreigners.

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