Thimphu: Yours, Mine, Ours

Thimphu played in local theatres a few months ago. This is director Chand Rai’s second Bhutanese feature film. His last film, Gawa, which highlighted the issue of nighthunting in the country won him several accolades, but Thimphu had me all choked up when I watched it, last week. It may be because Thimphu is home to me. This […]

Sherubtse’s filmmakers

The “Sherubtse film industry” has produced about 14 films, so far. This is a group that is constantly changing. Constantly growing. Members have no real experience in filmmaking and no professional equipment. They have, in fact, been sharing/passing down a Nikon and Canon camera (over the years).

Karma is Ema Datshi: a film review

*After my last experience with some people of the Bhutanese film fraternity, I thought it would be some time before I would be inspired to write about any other Bhutanese film. I was wrong. So, here is a REVIEW.* Karma, the film, is a journey, both within and without. Karma is also the name of […]

My Opinion Piece for The Journalist (Oct 7th 2012 Issue) on the reaction to “Bhutanese Films: Interrupted”

The Weight of the Word The 3rd of October will forever be etched in my mind as the day I was gagged. A certain film director called me and threatened me about a post on my blog about Bhutanese films called “Bhutanese Films: Interrupted”. It was not a professional review of Bhutanese films, although some people […]

Bhutanese Films: Interrupted

“Gyalsey- The legacy of a Prince”,  is in a league of its own.  The film is quietly brilliant. My husband summed it up pretty well: Jamyang (actor/director) understands, and has successfully shown us that less is more.  No annoying songs that just explode onto the screen, no slapstick jokes, no dramatised deaths, in short, all […]