Let’s also chew on this while chewing meat

There are two issues that affect me the most about the opening of slaughterhouses in Bhutan that go beyond hypocrisy, and individual right and wrong: If self- sufficiency is our goal, why are we harbouring the ambition to export meat to Singapore, Malaysia, and Hyderabad? Where is evidence that this was done through public consultation, […]

Karma is Ema Datshi: a film review

*After my last experience with some people of the Bhutanese film fraternity, I thought it would be some time before I would be inspired to write about any other Bhutanese film. I was wrong. So, here is a REVIEW.* Karma, the film, is a journey, both within and without. Karma is also the name of […]

Pedestrian Day, 5/June/2012

31st May was the day I received the announcement (first called, “No Vehicle Day”, and later, “Pedestrian Day”) along with directives for panel discussions on BBS to raise awareness. Raising awareness was up everyone’s alleys (include the stakeholders), but implementing it? Even before 5th June, there was nervousness. Would things go as planned?