when Namgay met Sally

I don’t get baseball. I, therefore, felt no guilt in letting my eyes watch the audience instead of the players at my first baseball game at Chase Field, some weeks ago. Kristi, a huge Diamondbacks’ fan immediately noticed my roving eye. But she was kind. “Namgay, did you see Rally Sally?” Who? “She’s up there…waving the […]

Husband to be compensated when wife is raped: Coming to terms with a side to Bhutan I don’t like

“If found guilty, the offence would be graded a fourth degree felony, and the men will also be liable to pay compensation to the husband.” I cannot believe I just read this line in Kuensel. This was stated by the newspaper’s sources (the police) and I cross-checked the Penal Code to ensure that this was […]

Sherubtse’s filmmakers

The “Sherubtse film industry” has produced about 14 films, so far. This is a group that is constantly changing. Constantly growing. Members have no real experience in filmmaking and no professional equipment. They have, in fact, been sharing/passing down a Nikon and Canon camera (over the years).