Ten on Ten (Phoenix Rising)

A lot can happen in ten days. And a lot is seen and known in ten days:

1. Phoenix is friendly. The people are nice, even courteous.

2. Google Maps can get you lost even if it starts out with the best of intentions.

3. If you’re vegetarian and you’re used to the Indian McDonalds experience, prepare to be surprised by the fact that a cheese burger is NOT a cheese burger here! Actually, there is no such thing as a vegetarian burger…a burger is meat. Period. Order a sandwich. Better still, avoid McDonalds. I was told, “If Americans can help it, there will be meat.”

4. Americans, at least the ones I have met, love to volunteer. We were at St.Mary’s Food Bank Alliance (the world’s FIRST food bank, founded in 1967) on Saturday when we discovered that there has never been a shortage of volunteers at the bank. There are at least two hundred volunteers on any given day serving a daily number of about five hundred people. This is done with dignity. All kinds of people visit the food bank. There are social service workers on one side, the homeless on the other, and everyone else in between. But there is no discrimination. A social service worker does not get to cut queue. He/ she has to stand in line like everyone else and wait for his/ her turn. As does the homeless person.

5. Email, email, email.

6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

7. I am five years younger in the States.

8. Press Pound because it sounds better than press hash?

9. Starbucks does not have Green Tea Latte.

10. But I love Phoenix already. Blame the sky and the sunsets.





One thought on “Ten on Ten (Phoenix Rising)

  • 3. I had the same experience with Veg burger in Australia la. In Bangalore, I used to visit KFC for veg burger, yummy but here veg burger means take out the chicken and they give u the rest.

    5. email is true even here. All communications happen through emails.

    Anyways interesting post. Cheers!

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