Who Killed My Friend, Yameen Rasheed?

Yameen Rasheed

My human rights activist and blogger friend, Yameen Rasheed, was murdered on 23rd April 2017. Nothing about his murderers are known yet. No suspects have been arrested. And this is in a country of a little over 400,000 people where Yameen is well-known. Yameen’s father, Mr. Rasheed, submitted 800+ petitions to the Maldives Police yesterday (2nd May 2017), calling for an independent and credible investigation into his son’s brutal murder. The Police rejected the petitions on the same day. This is why I created this petition so that we may request the Maldivian President, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, to call for a credible independent investigation into the death of my friend. I do this for his father who had justice slam its door in his face, for his mother who lost a beautiful son, for his best friend Rilwan who has been missing for three years, for Rilwan’s mother who has lost two sons, and for Maldives because the country deserves so much better and infinitely more.

This is the only sensible thing I can do for my late friend right now. Please, help me find justice for Yameen. Please, sign here. 💔🎈


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